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Well, they talk about that he sounds exactly like Perry. Existe musicas bem melhores que isso? Neal's crotch got me through some difficult high school years. I read some background on him and the band several years ago. The band hated him though and refuses to have anything to do with him, touring with some wannabe singer instead.

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However, listening to their older stuff and watching the performance videos makes you weep for the state of music today.

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Is Steve Perry gay?

The first challenge is for Steve and guess what song they use? I totally agree with him. He single handedly got 2 of the original members of the band fired because he didn't feel they presented the right "look" as if he was anything special to look at. Steve is recording again and supposedly releasing something at the end of this year or early next year. Remember the band was started by Neal and was "his" until Herbie Hancock insisted they bring in a new lead singer, which was Steve Perry.

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He happened to be in a store I was in. Maybe he's too neurotic to marry. Pretty sure that was rumor. Is Steve Perry Gay. Here is the most famous quote from the essay in which Greil Marcus eviscerated Journey and Steve Perry:. Good for Steve for getting a cut from the performances of a sound-alike. And he has also released Melody, great song, and Harmony is another great one.

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