Gay and lesbian pride tattoos

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There is a bisexual flag, a genderqueer flag, a pansexual flag, and even more symbols to go along with each group. Good thing I am a terrible photographer, but you get the idea RuPaul ifyoucantloveyourselfhowinthehellyougonnalovesomebodyelse quote tattoo quotetattoo script scripttattoo tinyscript armtattoo rupaultattoo rupaulquote tattoosbyboomie valortattooparlor nofilter. Have a happy Pride! Contact us in private message or email: Rainbow colors in any design is by far the most ubiquitous pride themed tattoo.

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You have a unique pride tattoo and you want to share it?

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Customer Service

Rainbow colors in any design is by far the most ubiquitous pride themed tattoo. Drag king and queen are finally united! Though, there are rainbows, too! Their heartbeat may have ended to soon, but it'll live on in me and everyone they knew. It is now a symbol of lesbian strength and independence.

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A post shared by Kim transnerdguy on Nov 5, at 4: Did this cute gay pride piece on a awesome client today. Have a happy Pride! Thanks for comin' in Liz! It will be a nice way to transition into July when Americans celebrate independence and freedom, two concepts that require equality and diversity. Tiny one from the other day, very cool idea. I'm so lucky to have such awesome clients.

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