Financial assistance for transgender operation

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The offers that appear on this site are from companies from which CreditCards. Research, therefore, is critical. How to qualify Most grants require a demonstration of financial need, a note from at least one doctor, a personal essay, personal references and sometimes demonstration of community involvement. Johnson, digital communications manager for the Jim Collins Foundation. I had a friend who had top surgery done and the results are not perfect, but it was OK -- the lesser evil of not having it done. The potential for profound hazards is inherent, though.

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In the end, says McCormack, "Do whatever you can to make yourself more comfortable with your body.

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Surgery Funding Assistance

Be wary of bargain basement deals, warns McCormack: Online lenders including Prosper and Lending Club offer personal installment loans with fixed interest rates and monthly payments. Explain as specifically as possible what you will do to try to raise money for your surgery if you are not granted a scholarship. Beck has had some help covering transition costs, which can vary in price depending on the surgery and the doctor. Contact community organizations to see if they have ways to help you raise funds. Branton says credit cards are one of the worst ways to finance surgery.

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Be wary of bargain basement deals, warns McCormack: Contact LGBTQ organizations in your community to see if they have suggestions to help you raise funds. After a lifetime of struggling with gender identity, Beck, a community educator in San Marcos, Texas, began transitioning in his early thirties. As part of his transition, Beck, of San Marcos, Texas, first started taking hormones, then decided to undergo surgeries. How to create a budget, stick to it and save using apps and card rewards — If you want to create a budget, start by breaking down your expenses into four major categories.

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