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Yes, it does hurt. Men like working in the mud, getting dirty. This is derived from many areas: Too Many Ways to Subscribe: This message will auto-hide in the future.

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With so many social pressures and a burgeoning grooming marketing, may popular opinion be swinging towards furry chests?

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Meet the new breed of chest-waxing, hair-straightening, weight-lifting spornosexuals

I write everything here, do the doodles, and even coded the site itself. And sorry to interrupt your reading experience. It's just like this website, but instead of being made out of code, it's made out of murdered trees. Here are some other sites I've made that you might dig:. Then you'll appreciate this book I co-authored it with Meg Bolger. The brows and arms you barely feel. Too Many Ways to Subscribe:

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Metro is about looking good, and many people who are metro are likely narcissistic, but you can have one without the other. The one thing you can say that applies to all metrosexuals out there is that we are a well-groomed bunch. I am a metrosexual male. Men like working in the mud, getting dirty. It's not "gay" but personally I think both of those are too much. Originally Posted by skamps.

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