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Risks, Prevention, and Care: Sexual orientation recognized in state hate crimes law. In the video, Saavedra said she was prepared to use pepper spray and a stungun against the transgender woman. The Cide House Rules: State hate crimes law uninclusive of sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Is it about tolerance:

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Trans rights have gone wrong

It also states that "person shall not be required to provide proof of a surgical procedure for total or partial genital reassignment, hormonal therapies or any other psychiatric, psychological or medical treatment to make use of the right to gender identity. A multicultural approach for understanding and dealing with violence: Retrieved 2 January A handbook for psychologists and educators. Transgender portal Discrimination portal.

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My interest here is fear of political failure, of what happens when sensible politicians fail to do their job by weighing evidence and reconciling conflicting interests. Would the teacher tell you your daughter wants to change gender? Sexual orientation recognized for data collection about hate crimes. When your family complains to the school, what happens? This act protects the gender identity of a person at all times.

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