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It doesn't take too much reading between the lines. His other biographer, Roy Haines, makes no reference at all to the red hot poker story. Beginning inEdward accompanied his father on campaigns to pacify Scotlandand in was knighted in a grand ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Edward II was the youngest of fifteen children; he was born on April 25th The long-threatened civil war finally broke out in England in[] triggered by the tension between many of the barons and the royal favourites, the Despenser family.

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Edward continued west up the Thames Valleyreaching Gloucester between 9 and 12 October; he hoped to reach Wales and from there mobilise an army against the invaders.

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And yet, as several critics have observed, Spencer is a strangely wan char- acter after Gaveston—and Marlowe makes nothing of the fact that one major chronicler, Jean Froissart, records that Hugh had committed "sodomy" with the king; that he, rather than Gaveston, was the impetus for Edward's abandonment of his queen; and that le Despenser's execution had involved the severing of his genitals "because he was a heretic and a sodomite [pour ce qu'il etoit herite et sodomite]. Views Read Edit View history. Ian Mortimer, who argues that Edward did not die innaturally disputes the "anal rape" story. The coronation took place at Westminster Abbey on 2 February The manner of execution, carbon-dating of the bones, and the absence of several parts of the body all point towards Sir Hugh being the victim, she said. I've often seen Edward described as 'England's only openly gay king' or something similar, and it seems to be taken as historical fact that he was homosexual.

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The possibility that Edward had a sexual relationship with Gaveston or his later favourites has been extensively discussed by historians, complicated by the paucity of surviving evidence to determine for certain the details of their relationships. One chronicler relates that Edward had requested his son boil his body, extract the bones and carry them with the army until the Scots had been subdued. In deep grief Edward lost the plot. It was written that Edward II was "the first king after the Conquest who was not a man of business". Montreal, Canada and Kingston, Canada: The Early Career of Hugh Despenser".

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