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Change has been glacially slow, but it is now possible for men to live together without much arching of eyebrows, and it is almost unremarkable for an MP to be openly queer; even QCs and captains of industry have publicly dipped their toes in the water, and we accept the ordination of queer priests, though squeamishly and unrealistically requiring them to be chaste in thought as well as deed. The Daily Mail. In defence of the acerbic art criticism of Brian Sewell". The Scotsman. He offended people in Gateshead by claiming an exhibition was too important to be held at the town's Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and should instead be shown to "more sophisticated" [15] audiences in London. Sewell also appeared as a guest film reviewer on Channel 5's Movie Loungewhere he frequently savaged films. My argument about Frida Kahlo is that, had she been Fred Kahlo, she'd have been forgotten.

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One in 10? Sewell described the painting as having no merit, while the other participants praised it. It would have been totally unremarkable in the s. It's really quite clever.

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English art critic.

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