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You may unsubscribe at any time. But if you are going for fun you can stop and go. This is particularly true if the guy has a beer bottle sized penis. Just takes some practice. If you want to give a good blowjob you need to keep three points in mind:. What is a "hag" to a gay guy?

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We were sitting against the wall on his bed.

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How to Give a Blowjob: Sucking Dick for Beginners

A lot of guys just get on their knees and start sucking the guy off. The scrotum responds well to light touching, licking, sucking and caressing. Incorrectly touch him in this area and it can cause pain. I could see why. Or maybe you actually like blowing him but you get tired or uncomfortable or you start choking on it.

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As a gay guy have you ever been hit on by a straight guy? Sensitivity is increased when the man is uncut. In between going up and down on him, pause for a few moments to lick on his shaft. If you have a question, suggestion, or are just looking to chat, feel free to message me at: I continued to increase in speed and how far down I went until I was taking in his entire shaft.

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