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A Late Night At Work. People who go to the prison usually break federal laws. You can easily tell that my best friend was a fucking hell of a sex stud. And licked my tongue. That was my early Christmas gift from him. I felt so close to him.

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Man, he has a nice cock.

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He was diving his waste in my mouth, face fucking me, while I blew on his dick. It was a full minute before I realised he'd stopped talking He sucked so hot that I moaned very much. I just blinked twice to notify his orders. We sat there and made out for what appeared to be hours. It was a boring Saturday afternoon and I was just kicked back watching re-run TV shows, downing a couple of cold Budweisers and waiting for my gay friend Kevin to show up Then he threw the keys down.

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He kept on pounding into me pounding my whole at a faster rate. I turned around and he pulled me back up, sucking my mouth one more time before forcing me backwards onto the desk, his body lying on top of me, our chests pressing into each other. I had just enough time to get myself alert again before I heard Mr K speaking. His hair was a little curly, and his eyes were a pale blue color. It was now going to be a work of art. His hand was a gripping me slightly harder and softer in a slow rhythm. I could feel his hard on against my erection.

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