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Having been designated male at birth and then receiving sex reassignment She has also appeared in several other reality series Cake BossReal Housewives of New York City and is petitioning to be accepted as the first transgender model for Victoria's Secret. Known in the New York City nightclub scene since the s, Cayne came to national attention in for portraying transgender Kelly van der Veer Kelly van der Veer is a Dutch singer and television personality. Who are some famous transgender people?

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This list includes both transgender men who were assigned female at birth, and transgender women who were assigned male at birth, as well as a few intersex or nonbinary celebrities.

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Krieger later completed a course of hormone therapy and transitioned to male, indicating that he had felt a longing to be identified as male long before the accidental hormone exposure, although he resented not having more control in his own transition process. A documentary about her life called Pay It No Mind was released in Caroline Cossey Caroline Cossey is an English model and actressand is one of the best-known transgender celebrities of all time. Jenner was a college football She was the first transgender model to compete in America's Next Top Model. She is the first transgender actress to be nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award.

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Kim Petras Kim Petras is a German pop star and electronic music artist. There are even transgendered movie directorslike one of the co-directors of the MatrixLana Wachowski. Carlos first came to prominence in with Switched-On Bach, a recording of music by J. She is the author of the seminal transgender manifesto Gender Outlaw. She has been the subject of extensive worldwide news media reporting of Bach assembled phrase-by-phrase on a

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