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This freezing is also associated with the theme of decay that links stasis to negative dynamics in the homosexual context, the decline and death of beauty, rather than, in a heterosexual context, the linkage of positive dynamics to reproduction. As days and weeks passed, the young boy got older-looking, but anything more beautiful. The homosexual logic here drives toward the fall of beauty because beauty cannot renew itself, implying a creeping moral corruption that must underlie the stasis of homosexuality. Soldier would hesitate a long while with a suing artist The association of stasis and decay might seem counter-intuitive. Cambridge Univ. Soldier lives in a different building now with an older white boy.

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Not only is beauty to be admired, it is also something to take possession of and exploit. In this case, homosexual persons would construct themselves through the dominant sexual discourse that disparages them as inferior. This passage imports heterosexual courting and marriage tropes of jewelry exchange such as engagement rings and wedding bands to denote the restrictions placed by one onto another as public markers of ownership. Soldier with his dominance and control over Beaut can exploit his beauty to make available or withhold him as an object of desire.

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