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Will a gay guy like a girl? No, you're not necessarily gay. This is partly because, paradoxically, although Ecstasy is an aphrodisiac, it also inhibits ejaculation. But widespread Ecstasy use in clubs had other, more subtle and pervasive effects, too: Please log in or register to post comments. He didn't say Hi I'm gay when we first met but eventually he told me he had a boyfriend, which didn't make any difference to me as I was a Heterosexual unhappily married male. A few years later, I met another straight guy through work, and the same kind of thing happened; we became close friends, and then started taking Ecstasy together see footnote on our nights out and weekend stay-overs he lived in another townand then became physically intimate.

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He looked over at me and said take yours out.

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He was a little bigger than me and we were both circumcised so we looked alike. We went to a safe place look at these pictures and we are both hard in an instant. It causes serotonin levels in the brain to build up which is what creates the happy, euphoric, loved-up feelingand serotonin has been found to inhibit and delay ejaculation SSRIs have been proposed as a treatment for premature ejaculation for this reason. I've pretty much sucked every style of Penis out there and I have swallowed a ton of Cum. And then he stopped, and said ok, your turn.

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I still can feel what it was like 50 years later. AVI 3 min Stonewall96 - Why would a guy ask me if I'm gay? So when you are on an Ecstasy high, it can take a long time to come but if you like long, affectionate, adventurous foreplay, then Ecstasy is definitely for you! It depends on the accuracy of the wording and whom the society calls a gay. Well that was 6 years ago and in that time, I have sucked nearly 80 different Cocks, many of the guys coming back multiple times.

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