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Roman attitudes toward male nudity differ from those of the ancient Greeks, who regarded idealized portrayals of the nude male. Among the works of Roman literature that can be read today, those of Plautus are the earliest to survive in full to modernity, and also the first to mention homosexuality. Turns out YouTube agrees! Eerdmans Publishing Company. Please, indicate what problem has been found. The program premiered on September 19, Although Roman men in general seem to have preferred youths between the ages of 12 and 20 as sexual partners, freeborn male minors were off limits at certain periods of Rome, though professional prostitutes and entertainers might remain sexually available well into adulthood.

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An Interdisciplinary Dialogue. A soldier maintained his masculinity by not allowing his body to be used for sexual purposes. Remember you have to credit the author Copy the following link into the website you'll use this resource on.

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Both Martial and Juvenal refer to marriage between males as something that occurs not infrequently, although they disapprove of it.

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