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Gradually you was aware of my throbbing penis against your ass crack. I gazed plaintively into your eyes as my gut released its contents onto your stomach. You looked up and gave me a big smile. After everyone was gone Billy came out, set in the urinal next to mine. Then I go again, moving it about and in and out until I feel it drain from the bottle into my ass, it feels so warm and sloppy inside me. You're down at my dirty feet licking them clean. The next time I tried was with my girlfriend.

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After 5th period I want to my locker and picked up a change of clothes and a towel, just as Carl had ordered me to and headed for the 4th floor toilet.

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I loved the wisps of hair on your manly toe-knuckles; it reminded me that I was sucking a man's toes. We loved every second of it. I took each one into my mouth in turn staring with your small toe. You looked up and gave me a big smile.

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So I drag it out and strip back down to just my thong again but wait, no lube?

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