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Retrieved from " https: He shelved it untilwhen his liver was failing and he was given weeks to live. John Hay or John Nicolay would have told the same story from an entirely different perspective, for example. As a young man he courted women and eventually married Mary Todd, who bore him four children. Nevertheless, Katz does indicate that such sleeping arrangements "did provide an important site probably the major site of erotic opportunity" if they could keep others from noticing. Hosner is an imposing actor with a gentle intelligence about him, and his Lincoln really is very moving, beard and all; you believe his affection for Trumbly's Derickson and Speed having the same actor play both these roles is a savvy authorial trick.

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Far from abstaining from sex, Baker suggests that the Lincolns were part of a new development in America of smaller families; the birth rate declined from seven births to a family in to around 4 per family by

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Sexuality of Abraham Lincoln

In any event, because Chamberlin's account is probably closer to the source, its innocuous version should be given more weight than Fox's possibly scandalized version. While the three quotation marks in the passage are confusing, had Tish been the one to utter "What stuff! Indeed, Lincoln is not known to have responded to either letter. Some will find this play overly pat in its structure and a tad too long — and there surely are spots where the otherwise excellent direction by Andrew Volkoff could do more to move Cal's prosecutorial case along. However, critics say that in the pioneer days men sleeping together in rough circumstances was not uncommon.

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Fox's diary, for example, tells of Lincoln and Derickson driving about in a carriage, a public act that could be seen by virtually anyone. Tripp recounts that, whatever the level of intimacy of the relationship, it was the subject of gossip. The first volume spans pre-Columbian Florida, Puritans and early settlements brimming with same-sex desirethe American revolution, the civil war and the years leading to the second world war. I'd also argue that Lincoln's relationships with the two men here are, well, a bit vague and general, which is perhaps understandable given the themes of the piece, but, alas, not all that theatrically interesting. Indeed, Lincoln is not known to have responded to either letter. Even if Crotzer himself did not speak directly with Tish, the story Fox told, and the story told by Chamberlin, most likely derived from the same similarly placed source who told the story the same way in as he or she did in

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