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I like that one! Well, what if he's got, like, crazy-ass hair and-and, and more artificial holes in his head than real ones? It was very small and very adorable, you decide to take in here and order some food. Heading back to base camp. Originally posted by solarmechanic Originally posted by itsokaysammy I mean, look at him.

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Well, Priestly, see, your problem is you always go after the hot chicks.

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Jensen Ackles: Priestly

Overall, be excited for this week because I am!!! Priestly looks horrified she would ask such a thing and covers his mouth with a giant hand. God damn it Jen. The main cast of characters are:. He licks his lips slowly. And also add you favorite gif of Jensen, Dean, or Priestly. It's a man's greatest challenge.

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Nice to see that our company tradition for making the worst possible decision in any situation has been passed on to the next generation of employee. Certainly been my experience. You slip into one of the booths, your back to the door. Well that, that's certainly appetizing, a hen-period salad, that's lovely. Oh, and so close to being almost on time.