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Therefore, based on our Biblical beliefs, values and convictions, we do not acknowledge, support nor perform marriages between couples of the same sex. In view of God's mercy, we acknowledge our brokenness, confess our sinfulness, and rely on the power of God's Spirit as we choose to avoid acts of including temptations that lead to sexual immorality, which includes homosexual behavior. Furthermore, we do not believe that homosexuality is more sinful or less sinful than other sins, but like all sin, is equally offensive to God. State and Local Resources ACLU of North Carolina is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to preserving the guarantees of individual liberty found in the Constitution and laws of the U. It is the largest and most trusted source of news, politics, opinion, entertainment, art, lifestyle, and community events for LGBT North Carolinians and South Carolinians.

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The league bowls every Thursday evening in Raleigh.

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Lovingly & Truthfully Addressing Homosexuality as a Church

Academic Calendar Event Calendar. She describes her transgender work as the most rewarding aspect of her practice, and she is grateful for the ability to help patients transition to the bodies that align with who they truly are. LGBTQIA provides an environment in which YouthSAFE youth ages come together to build community with one another, share resources, and build skills for responding creatively to the world around them. First, this is NOT an attempt to pick any unnecessary fights with anyone, discourage anyone from being part of Life Church in any way, nor to separate our church from any other. Charlotteans Youth of OUTright Valley serves Catawba Valley with a unique, youth-centered, safe environment for LGBTQ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning youth agesand their allies, to come together, receive unconditional support, and make friends who understand who they are as they struggle with sexual orientation, gender identity and other issues. Inthe band took a new direction and formed as a standard marching band with brass and woodwind instruments, and marching percussion.

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Because of our sinful nature, sin can often be confused with things that feel natural, innate and instinctual. The league bowls every Thursday evening in Raleigh. This is NOT to argue the rights and wrongs of either side. Triad Health Project Q is one of the largest AIDS service organizations in North Carolina, with a culturally diverse staff of nearly 20 and a volunteer base that exceeds five hundred. The NC Pride Banda nonprofit organization, is an inclusive organization uniting communities through a shared love of music. Last Friday evening, my wife received a text from friend who struck-up a conversation with someone at a downtown restaurant.